What would you like to share?

Sessions at THATCamp are up to you, the participant. You might come prepared to talk about something you’re working on, or you might be excited about the possibilities of something you’d like to explore.

Topics we might cover could include:

  • challenges of monolingualism within the digital humanities
  • indigenous culture, decolonial and post-colonial theory and technology
  • technology and education–open learning, peer learning, and issues of access, equity for primary and/or higher education
  • communication of knowledge, publishing, and intellectual property
  • digital cultural heritage and hegemony
  • interdisciplinary goals and conversations in digital humanities
  • digital humanities and gender, race, and other identities
  • simulation, modeling, and visualization
  • games and gaming, including for learning
  • virtual and augmented reality in learning environments
  • community development including the importance of art and culture districts
  • other unsolved hard problems in digital humanities
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About Ellen Dornan

Ellen Dornan serves as the National History Day Coordinator and the Digital Humanities Program Officer. Ms. Dornan has worked with the Council since 2001, serving as webmaster, NHD website judge and junior division NHD coach, and a scholar on grant projects and the Centennial Online Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps.

2 Responses to What would you like to share?

  1. Irene Blea says:

    I want to draw from my vast experience as a published author of textbooks, poetry, and novels rooted in native New Mexico culture and community to focus on the power of community in creating intellectual property that broadens the intellect and develops a population rooted in the arts.

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